• Image of Lacey - rhodochrosite & Sterling Silver Ring

The Lady in Lace... Her dark eye has seen things you will never know, her ears will never burn again of ill words, her mouth will never speak self-defeating thoughts. She lives her Higher self, never to fall again by the wayside.

50 x 30 mm "Go big or Go home!" Rhodonite gemstone set in sterling silver - Size 8-1/2 Handcrafted by ME...

Lacey is unavoidable, never to be unseen...

Rhodochrosite good for clearing the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras, improving self-worth, attracting love, and relieving emotional stress.
Use Rhodochrosite in meditation to relax the diaphragm for full, deep breathing. Rhodochrosite can help those stuck in any phase of the grief process, by clearing out negative vibrations from the middle chakras. Meditating with Rhodochrosite can connect one to the Divine mind, allowing one to see the purpose behind negative experiences.

*Please notes:
Oxidation is a natural process with base metals, cleaning and storage is needed to keep its luster
Size or concerns about skin allergies should be taken into consideration before purchase.
Do not let the gemstone soak in water and never use harsh household cleaners or chemicals.